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Twitter suspends accounts suspected of promoting terrorist activities

On Friday, the company suspended more than 125,000 accounts for threatening or promoting terrorist acts.


WordPress Security: Protect Your WordPress Website by Minimizing Risks

By Geof Birchall, Chief Security Officer at Web.com For more than 12 years now, the free open source content management system (CMS) WordPress has been available to website owners, large and small. It’s not an exaggeration to say it powers much of the web. In January 2015, it was estimated that WordPress was the foundation […]


Alphabet Topples Apple to Become Most Valuable US Company

NEW YORK, Feb 1 (Reuters) – Alphabet Inc surpassed Apple Inc as the most valuable company in the United States in after-hours trading on Monday, knocking the iPhone maker from the top spot that it has held for the better part of four years. The change may signal the passing of the technology baton to […]


The Home Depot Hiring More Than 80,000 Spring Workers

The Home Depot is on a hiring spree. The nation’s largest home improvement chain said Wednesday that it’s hiring more than 80,000 seasonal workers nationwide for its busy spring season.


Human Events: Mark Skousen- If Megyn Kelly and Fox News Want to be Taken Seriously

Source: This piece was originally posted at The Daily Review: Human Events: Mark Skousen- If Megyn Kelly and Fox News Want to be Taken Seriously Before I make Megyn Kelly sound like a dumb blonde from Beverly Hills, or the valley in Los Angeles where she competed with Britney Spears for Valley Girl of The […]


Donald Trump Not To Participate in Iowa Debate.

Republican candidate will apparently not show up to the Iowa Debate set to happen live tonight. This comes after Fox ( the debate sponsor) has made some remarks regarding Trump that came off hostile towards him and his not so secret mutual rivalry with Meghan Kelly. The debate is prime time and starts at 8 […]


Stocks Plunge As Fed Keeps March Rate Hike On The Table

Stocks closed sharply lower Wednesday, after the Federal Reserve opted not to hike interest rates this month, still leaving the door open for a March increase.


Twitter Falls on Executive Exits as Turnaround Seen Delayed

(Bloomberg) — Twitter Inc. fell after the company lost four members of its executive leadership team, including its product and engineering chiefs, signaling any attempts to boost growth at the struggling social media company will be delayed. The quartet of executives, including product head Kevin Weil and head of engineering Alex Roetter, chose to leave […]


Stocks open higher, led by energy sector as oil price rises

Higher oil prices and some positive earnings news from U.S. companies are helping to send the stock market higher in early trading.


Protect Yourself With Disability Insurance

Protect Yourself With Disability Insurance

When it comes to selecting the insurance policies you need to protect yourself and your family from unforeseen events, you have probably covered all of the basics. Auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, life insurance. Many people never look beyond these main three. There is one particular policy, however, that is often overlooked and that could prevent you from losing everything in the event that you are unable to work. Disability insurance is one of the policies that everyone should carry, but in many cases it is overlooked.

You Really Do Need It

Many people balk at the cost of paying for disability insurance, especially when they are already paying premiums on so many other policies, most of which are not optional. It is easy to let something like disability go. However, becoming disabled is a very real risk that each of us faces every day. Accidents, injuries, illness—there are many things that could leave you unable to work and thus without an income.

Disability insurance is designed to protect you in the event of any sort of disabling event that puts you in the position of being unable to bring in your regular salary. You may have some coverage with your employee benefits, but in most cases it isn’t really enough to pay your living expenses and take care of yourself and your family. A disability insurance policy will make certain you have the money to continue paying the bills and living your chosen life in spite of a disability.

More Than A Good Idea

Most people will acknowledge that having disability insurance is a good idea, and yet many of them still won’t take out a policy. Much like health insurance, disability insurance is one of those policies everyone wishes they had when it is too late. You can’t get coverage once you are already disabled. Sadly, this is the time when many people realize just how important it really is.

Disability insurance should be considered just as important as those top three: auto, home, and life. It truly is a must-have insurance policy that will make an incredible difference should the day come when you need to use it

Talk to your insurance agent about disability insurance. He will help you determine how much you need and what type of policy is right for you; it is well worth it for your peace of mind.


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