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Protect Yourself With Disability Insurance

Protect Yourself With Disability Insurance

When it comes to selecting the insurance policies you need to protect yourself and your family from unforeseen events, you have probably covered all of the basics. Auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, life insurance. Many people never look beyond these main three. There is one particular policy, however, that is often overlooked and that could prevent you from losing everything in the event that you are unable to work. Disability insurance is one of the policies that everyone should carry, but in many cases it is overlooked.

You Really Do Need It

Many people balk at the cost of paying for disability insurance, especially when they are already paying premiums on so many other policies, most of which are not optional. It is easy to let something like disability go. However, becoming disabled is a very real risk that each of us faces every day. Accidents, injuries, illness—there are many things that could leave you unable to work and thus without an income.

Disability insurance is designed to protect you in the event of any sort of disabling event that puts you in the position of being unable to bring in your regular salary. You may have some coverage with your employee benefits, but in most cases it isn’t really enough to pay your living expenses and take care of yourself and your family. A disability insurance policy will make certain you have the money to continue paying the bills and living your chosen life in spite of a disability.

More Than A Good Idea

Most people will acknowledge that having disability insurance is a good idea, and yet many of them still won’t take out a policy. Much like health insurance, disability insurance is one of those policies everyone wishes they had when it is too late. You can’t get coverage once you are already disabled. Sadly, this is the time when many people realize just how important it really is.

Disability insurance should be considered just as important as those top three: auto, home, and life. It truly is a must-have insurance policy that will make an incredible difference should the day come when you need to use it

Talk to your insurance agent about disability insurance. He will help you determine how much you need and what type of policy is right for you; it is well worth it for your peace of mind.


Home-Based Businesses – Including Your Business In Your Home Insurance

Home-Based Businesses – Including Your Business In Your Home Insurance

If you have a home-based business or you frequently work from home, having b
oth your office space and the business itself insured is an essential part of your overhead as an entrepreneur or business person. One option that you may be considering is including your business as part of your home insurance. While it may save you money in keeping your business investments and capital protected, it may not be enough in some cases. So is home insurance the right choice for your home-based business? Here are a few things to consider before shopping around for a separate business insurance policy.

What Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

The coverage you receive from your homeowner’s insurance will depend on your policy, but in general it protects your home in case of damage or loss from a number of causes, and will usually include both the property itself and the contents. Before deciding whether you need separate business insurance for your home-based business you will want to take a close look at your existing homeowner’s insurance policy. If your contents are not covered, or the contents of your home office are not included in the policy, you will need to either extend your existing coverage or get a separate policy to include items such as your computer and office furniture. Depending on the type of home business you run, however, this may not be enough to keep your business fully covered.

What Type of Insurance Does a Home Business Need?

One of the biggest considerations in deciding if you will need separate business insurance for your home-based business is whether the issue of liability will ever come up. If clients enter your home for any reason or you have frequent business-related deliveries to your home, your homeowner’s insurance will not cover any injuries these people may receive on your property. Also, if you have any employees, even if they work only a few hours here or there, you will need insurance to cover them.

If you run a home-based business your best choice in keeping both your home and your business covered is to talk with an insurance professional and discuss your particular situation. Your business is your livelihood and your property is your home; ensuring that they are both covered should anything
happen is important to both you and your family.

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