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Long-Term Disability-The Most Important Policy Most People Don’t Have

Long-Term Disability-The Most Important Policy Most People Don’t Have


You know you need insurance to help protect you from the unexpected. You

carry auto insurance because you acknowledge the possibility of an accident,

theft, or vandalism. You carry homeowner’s insurance because you know a

fire or burglary could happen to anyone. You probably have life insurance

because you know that if the worst should happen, your family would need to

be provided for and you realize that it could happen at any time. And yet,

many people don’t carry long-term disability insurance. You know that you

are at as much risk as anyone of an accident or illness sidelining you from

working, so why not carry coverage to protect you from this possibility?


Another Policy?

With all of the insurance we are required by law to carry or have been told

we can’t live without, it can seem like it’s just yet another policy you have to

pay for and yet another premium coming out of your bank account, all based

on “what if?” Long-term disability insurance is often the policy that falls

through the cracks or is simply dropped because people don’t want to pay

another premium.

But before you discount disability insurance, consider the reality of what

would happen if you were disabled for a long period of time. Your workplace

benefits probably give you a small amount of coverage, but when they run

out and you still can’t work, what then? A long-term disability policy gives

you extended coverage for the difficult situation of an illness or injury that

you can’t simply get over in a matter of weeks. Without it, you could lose

your home, your car, and your entire lifestyle, all while trying to take care of

your health.


The Cost Of Long-Term Disability

If you don’t have an LTD policy because you feel the premiums are too high

or not worth it, take a moment to think about what it will cost you if you do

not have the policy and do become disabled. Without your salary, even with

whatever benefits you have from work or other sources, your life will change

completely. You won’t be able to afford the things you are used to having.

Not only will you be facing the difficulty of trying to recover and take care of

yourself, you will have to struggle to pay the bill and face the stress of losing

things that are dear to you.

Long-term disability insurance is the one policy too many of us do not have

that we absolutely need. Don’t wait until it’s too late; talk to your insurance

agent today.

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