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The Basics Of Fixed Annuities

The Basics Of Fixed Annuities


An annuity is a simple and relatively safe way to create a retirement savings

fund. Annuities come in a wide variety of types, and fixed annuities are

among the most popular for their simplicity. A fixed annuity requires a onetime

premium payment, which is a large lump sum and is locked in at an

interest rate determined at the time of payment. The annuity can then

provide retirement income from the interest earned at a later date.


Why A Fixed Annuity?


Annuities are a popular choice for retirement investment because they carry

little to no risk and have a nearly guaranteed return. You will make a onetime

premium payment and have a guaranteed interest rate; nothing will

change and your return is safe. You can set up a lifetime annuity payment

that will provide you with a secure source of retirement income for as long as

you live. Because it is a fixed annuity, the amount of each payment is

predetermined and guaranteed, so you can depend on it each month.

A fixed annuity is tax-deferred and allows you to gift or bequeath money to

family and friends tax- and probate-free. You can buy as many annuities as

you would like, each one with the same single premium payment and each

with a guaranteed rate of interest growth.


Buying A Fixed Annuity


Fixed annuities are sold by your insurance agent and although they are an

investment, they are also an insurance policy. Your insurance agent can

provide you with information on the fixed annuities available to you,

including the interest rates and the types that are offered. The two main

types are immediate and deferred fixed annuities, but you can also invest in

CD style annuities, which are in fact a blend of an annuity and a CD.

Once you choose your fixed annuity, you make the premium payment and

the terms of the policy are in force. There is nothing more you need to do,

and no further investment to make. If you want to invest more money, you

can simply purchase more annuities whenever you are ready.

Fixed annuities are an easy and safe way to guarantee a specified income

amount for your retirement years. Because the interest rate is locked in, the

premium is predetermined, and the payment amount is fixed, you can rely

on this investment to remain steady and provide you with an income for a

specified term or even for life.

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