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Police Work

I can agree with you on all of the above. 29 years in Law Enforcement and I loved it!!!

Justice The Line

This is the best description of police work that I’ve come across to date. It is from a book I am working through right now called Effective Police Supervision by Harry More and Larry Miller. Some of it is praise for cops and some of it is a sobering reality.

The job is complex; it lacks clear-cut boundaries and is frequently underrated, unappreciated, and unpleasant. Even though policing is a rewarding career, it is often dull, monotonous, dirty, and dangerous. 

Police officers work at the critical pressure point where law, human tragedy, and society’s expectations (for safety and a sense of security) come together. The police represent the fine line that separates freedom from chaos and legitimate social control over tyranny. American police officers are inundated with complexity and buffeted by change, ambiguity, stress, and radically different demands coming from various segments of the community. While they also come from the community…

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