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Above The Law

I agree with you on that. Spent 29 years in Law Enforcement and I saw many get fired for violating that trust the public places in them.

Truth Above All Else

As I write this, please understand that I have the utmost respect for the members of the law enforcement community, the ones that uphold their oath and understand their job. They have a dangerous and tough job to do knowing that one night they may not come home. It is the ones that operate outside of, or above the law. The ones that violate laws in their efforts to achieve some underhanded, backroom power play.

We’ve all heard by now about the ATF raid on Ares Armor. Well, did you know that by raiding the business the ATF violated a restraining order? Did you also know that the ATF confiscated the businesses client list which had nothing to do with the reason given for the raid in the first place? Five thousand names that will now be forcibly added the ‘registry’ that something is just a phantom database.

The government…

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